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The pain and stress of dealing with a loved one with a long-term illness can lead to tension.  This tension also arises after the loved one passes away and the family has to deal with inheritance issues.  Cordial relationships between family members often become strained.  In fact, animosity can result – sometimes causing a break in long-time associations and substituting animosity instead of fraternal camaraderie.

One solution is “elder mediation.”  This is a new tool to help families heal broken relations, solve difficult issues arising from dealing with elderly parents or prevent misunderstandings or problems from happening in the first place.

In the context of dispute resolution mediation has been around for a long time.  However, it only recently has been applied to helping to solve problems with the elderly.  Thus, the term “elder mediation” is not commonly known, but nevertheless, it is still very important.  To illustrate, mediation has become common in recent years in the area of “family mediation.”  Such family mediators typically handle negotiations and disagreements in domestic relations cases involving divorce, child custody and parenting time, juvenile cases or the settlement of estate plans.  The tensions that arise from families caring for aging parents also provide an area where mediators can truly help. (more…)


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